General conditions

Booking terms and conditions

50 % at the reservation moment if the booking is at the same year.

The rest, at the arrival in cash. We do not have a fisical Credit Card machine.

You can also pay the whole rest before the arrival in our website with the credit card.

In case of late arrivals or Sundays, the whole rent must be payed before the arrival and we will leave the keys in a certain place to be picked up. if we have your credit card details, we will charge the balance of the reservation. 


Refunds and booking cancelations

No Refunds willl be made due to booking cancelations

We have a very good cancelation inssurance from Europe Asístanse, that you can contract the same date as you make the booking and it covers cancelations due illness, accidents and many other at a very good price. It is the client himself who must contract the insurance directly with the company through the following link     

inssurance Europe Assistance

For example: to cover a booking of 600€, the inssurance cost is only 14€

If on the scheduled day of arrival, they have not shown up before the closing time of our offices and have not paid the rest of the rent, the reservation will be considered canceled without the possibility of any refund. 
If you do not show up on the day of your arrival, "No Show", you will lose 100% of the rent and will lose the total amount paid and will give us the right to claim the rest of the rent if you have not previously paid the total rent per day arrival.


Taxes and Fees


Tourist Tax: To be payed every guest older than 16 at 1 € per day at maximum 7 nights.

  1. 2 adults 9 days will pay only for 7 days 2 x 1 x = 14 €

Electricity and whater is included on the booking price.


Final cleaning.

The final clearing supplement will be added at the rental price during the booking process.

40-50 € Small apartments or studios.

50-65 € Two bedroom apartments

55-70 € Two bedroom apartments with two bathrooms

65-85 € Atached houses or 3 bedroom apartments.

90-140 € Big houses or with private pool

The dish must be left clean. If the house has a dishwasher, the dishes must be left out of the dish washer clean.

The trash must be taken out of the house to the garbage container.




As a deposit for possible damages, the tennant must sign a form with the credit card numbers.

It is also possible to leave a 200€ cash deposit in stead to be refunded at the end of the vacation.


Bed Linen – Towels


Bed linen are included on the rental price. We do not change linen over the week.

Towels have a supplement in case are wanted.

8 € per person incluyes a bath towl and a small towel.



Pets - Extras.


Pets cost 5 € per pet per day. In case the aprartment or house allow pets.

Wifi: in some apartments is free, in some others is paying, and others have no wifi.

Other extras are marked and choseble on every lodging.


Causes due to force majeure

Force Majeure Conditions
Drought and water restrictions.
Drought situation.

The measures to manage episodes of water shortage in the territory agreed upon by the Generalitat of Catalonia and/or other competent public administrations will be mandatory for both contracting parties. In compliance with the regulations, services may be affected that cannot be carried out normally without this fact entailing any type of compensation.