Intermediation contract. The Agency charges a percentage of the rental price agreed between the owner and the Agency and we deduct our fees from the rental price without counting the extras.

This option is very clear and if we raise or lower prices, the owner wins more or less. The prices are reflected on the website and the accommodation.

  • In case of publishing on portals and paying a commission for it, this will not affect the owner, who will always be charged the base rental price and the commission for the portal will be paid by the agency.

You charge for the weeks or days that have been rented. We make a proposal to suit you. Get the most out of your home. Your home will be announced in more than 150 countries.

Choose the weeks for your vacations that suit you and rent your property for the rest of the season. Take advantage of profitability while not using your home and have your home monitored, controlled and clean.

If we apply a discount to a rental or publish it on portals and charge us commission, you still charge exactly the same agreed upon day or week rented. There are no variations or surprises in the price you perceive while renting your home.

You will have access to your owner space where you can see the weeks that are rented and their profitability.

While we manage your home, we rent it, keep it clean, open it and keep an eye on it and thus avoid unexpected water leaks, surprises or unwanted occupations of your home. We give you your clean house and in the same conditions that we received it.

Breakdowns and repairs, without having to move. We take care of the delivery of furniture and appliances. In the event of a loss, we contact your insurance company, accompany the expert and ensure that you pay without having to travel or worry. All this for free if you have your home advertised with us.

We work with more than 50 supplier companies and we have wide discounts that being our client, you can take advantage of all these advantages.

We advise you fiscally of your obligations and we can also deal with your taxes through several collaborating tax companies. We can take care of managing the payment of your taxes for you without having to worry about anything without management costs on our part.

We have your property advertised in more than 150 countries in the most important portals so that your property has maximum profitability. Booking, Expedia, Homeaway, Airbnb. Without having to worry about anything or paying any advertisement.

We advise you of the improvements in your apartment or vacation home to improve your income. Decoration, accessories, improvements. All for you to get the maximum return on your property.

If you want to sell your house or apartment, advertise your home with us. We have presence in more than 150 countries and many portals. We speak 5 languages.

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